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For the women who need us most

I’m Werking On My…

I’m Werking On My…

What does your star sign say about your working personality?
By Lucy Hainsworth
Image: Graphic on star signs

Star signs have long been a thing of people’s cosmic identity. From navigating relationships to your general psyche some say your star sign can be accountable for a lot. But, what does your star sign say about what kind of worker you are?

The traits of each star sign, from, have been analysed under the wire and it is time to see if you think you are a match to your astrological working self. What are you predictions, do you think you will match your star sign?

Watch as the member’s of work debate whether they fall in line with the crowd, or stray away from their star sign.

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For the Aquarius’ of the working world, you are likely to stand out of the crowd in the conference room with passion and fight for what you believe. You are the worker who stands for what they know, and whether it be a vote for early finish Fridays or a new policy, you put your soul into your ideas and never back down.

Aquarius’ may work best in an open office, where communication is key. In those boardroom meetings, you want people to shoot it to you straight so you can get the job done to your best ability without wasting any time. You thrive on those Monday mornings where you can show your enthusiasm and spread that to your team of workers. You enjoy supporting others, but ultimately you like to be the leader, and no meeting you set ‘should’ve just been an email’. 


The Pisces are the heart of the office, and keep the dream team alive. You’re the one to always give a warm welcome in the mornings and offer to make the coffee in the after-lunch slog. You love a chance to show your creativity within your work and are devoted to everything you do. Your compassion speaks volumes with your always politely worded emails, and you’re never the one to use the last drop of milk from the communal fridge. 

You thrive in roles that allow you to achieve your dreams and every piece of work you do fills you with a sense of pride, even if it’s just that fax you’ve been putting off. You love to connect with others in the workspace and lighten up their day, but you are not one for the office gossipers’ table at lunch. A nice hour alone with your thoughts is your way to boss the rest of the day.


To the Aries, every day is a busy day. No stone is left unturned and no email is left unanswered as you strive for performance perfection. You see every hour of your working day as a chance to prove yourself and chase your ambition. You like a seat at the table, and are all-knowing in the office politics.

If there is a promotion on the go, you are knocking on the door waiting. Your quick thinking means that sometimes the chaotic working days are a comfort to you, and you thrive on the challenge of a time crunch. There is no space for slackers in your business!


Your 9-5 is the way to stay alive. You put the hard work in to make sure you’ve got enough in the bank to still make it to drinks with the girls on Friday. You organize your week to a strict routine to make sure you don’t mix your ‘you time’ with your work time and have plenty of time to relax. 

You seek stability in the workplace, and when on a project you don’t want the distractions of your office buddy telling you about how their best friend’s grandma’s dog’s son came to visit on the weekend. You don’t enjoy the sound of changes at work, and that new intern may cause you some anxiety if they ask to help with another task of yours. 


You love your ‘office family’ and can’t wait to hear how the receptionist’s bank holiday weekend was. You love nothing more than to hear the stories of your colleague’s personal lives whilst doing your work because you’re the queen of multitasking. 

The Gemini’s of the office are often the ones to start the random ‘would you rather…’ questions as it reaches the back end of the day in a bid to stay busy. You like making your brain active and getting the whole office involved but you also find the time to get your work done. Bad work-life balance, who is she?


You might be the busy beaver at work, with your headphones in and game face on for the task at hand. Your focus is your greatest skill, and you have to pretend to enjoy the work TikTok’s you have to lip-sync for. But, you’ll turn your hand to any job that needs to be done, and may even be the one the boss calls in to have awkward conversations on their behalf. 

You’re very aware of the people around you, and may know more about your fellow colleagues than they think, but you sit back and keep yourself out of office drama in a bid to get the job done. 


The Leo’s of the office keep the optimism. You are always sure the job will get done in time, even with the intern’s ten coffee breaks an hour. You like to take control of tasks and keep yourself busy in the workplace with meaningful and useful jobs. You’ll use your lunch break thinking about how to better yourself from the morning in a strive for perfection.

Naturally, you like to lead with your ideas, and you are not one for a stubborn boss. You like a sense of control over your own work and are not one to let the slacker go unnoticed. 


Virgo’s make sure no problem goes unsolved in the office. You like a harmonized working group and don’t like any social hierarchy in the workforce. You are analytic in your approach to solving tasks, making sure to dot the I’s and cross the t’s in whatever you do. 

A lot of workers may come to you for help on spell-checking an email or an extra pair of eyes on a final result because they know you won’t miss a trick. You enjoy helping people in this way and find it practical to showcase your skills as the office’s extra pair of eyes.


For the Libra star sign, it’s work hard play hard. You’re 9-5 and your 5-9 live very different lifestyles and your work responsibilities are left at the door. You are devoted to your work and keep a high standard, but you also allow your personal needs to be met at the end of the day.

You admire teamwork and enjoy being part of a group effort, without having to pull all the strings. You prefer others to make the overall decisions for you, but you like to be involved in any major decisions. 


If there was an award for dedication it goes to you. You set aside time for all of your personal goals in a cool, collected manner. If there is ever a workplace emergency, you’re the one to go to. Your bosses may often rely on you for unfiltered advice, but you also like to be the one in control and solve the problems yourself.

Nothing will stand in the way of your goals, but you’re also very grateful for those around you to support you. You recognise that your colleagues help you get the job done, but you’re not one to overshare at the Christmas work do!


You enjoy a workplace environment and may hold the controversial opinion that work-from-home days are not all they played out to be. You work tirelessly to get the job done, but you may feel you get distracted along the way and need guidance to stay on track. 

You like to maintain a positive environment and don’t mind being a helping hand to your work buddies on a few of their tasks, but you hold your work to a high standard and this is your priority. You encourage collaborative thinking on any project and are always open to suggestions on how to improve.


You’re the busy bee of the star signs that nobody thinks clocks out at the end of the day. You have a very high standard set for yourself and you appreciate everyone who helped you have a good day. Whether it was the man at the coffee shop or the bus driver who dropped you off, you recognise teamwork makes the dreamwork. 

You’re very critical of your work and will chip away at it until it’s done right because your perseverance is unmatched. If there is still an issue at 5pm you are itching to get it fixed before the weekend. 

Now the question is, do you think your star sign matches your work ethic or do you stray from the crowd?