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I’m Werking On My…

I’m Werking On My…

Rock your work day: how to be confident in the workplace
By Eva Millett

Are you ready to be confident in the workplace? Let’s dive into some tips to help you feel empowered at work and shine like the star you are.

  1. Develop your self-esteem and self-awareness

Self-esteem. That old chestnut hey? It’s all about how highly you value, trust and believe in yourself, and it’s really hard to just switch on overnight. But by holding yourself to a higher value, it can really benefit you in work place settings and in your career.

Some ways to develop your self-esteem includes saying positive affirmations to yourself before work. Affirmations are all about manifestation, and speaking the positive things you firmly want to believe about yourself into existence by speaking them out loud. 

The discourse we use with ourselves is as important as the discourse we use with the people we love around us. By speaking positive things about yourself, to yourself into the mirror before work in the morning, it can completely transform your sense of self throughout the working day, making you beat yourself up less about your mistakes, and feel even more proud of your achievements or small wins. 

Some positive affirmations before a day at work are: 

  • ‘I am excited for this day’
  • ‘This day is going to pose new opportunities’
  • ‘I am confident in my skills and gifts’ 
  • ‘I do what I love. And I am so grateful for that’
  • ‘I am capable of handling any challenge that comes my way today’ 

Another way to develop your self-esteem is by treating yourself with kindness by incorporating things that you love in and around the working day. Some ideas might be: 

  • Prioritising having a coffee and some me time every morning – you might do this by getting up 15 minutes earlier. 
  • Taking time to reconnect with nature – you might do this by going on a 10 minute walk every lunch break.
  • Having a clock off time out of office hours – Give yourself a time each evening that you agree to log out of your emails or turn work-related notifications off to help you detox from work stresses. 
  • Make time for your favourite music or podcasts every day – whether it’s listening to your favourite feel good playlist on the commute, or tuning into the latest trending podcast on your lunchtime walk, make time for things to listen to that feed your soul and enhance your day. 

Self-awareness is all about being able to experience and perceive your own personality. Operating in the work environment it’s so important to try and develop your self-awareness, because with so many different personality types at play, clashes can happen. To try and diffuse potential conflicts or run-ins, having an awareness of yourself and traits on show can really help this. Some ways to develop your self-awareness are: 

  • Keep a journal of things that happen throughout the day that trigger both positive and negative feelings.
  • Sacrifice screen time for people time in order to observe yourself in more social situations be curious about yourself.
  • Ask others how they see you – be open and have those conversations, if you’re curious about a personality trait of yours then ask a trusted colleague or close friend.
  1. Master your communication 

Picture this, you’re faking it till you make it for a presentation, and you want to come across as confident as possible when you don’t feel it inside. Communication is absolutely key. Three ways to master your effective communication skills are: 

  • Be clear and direct – avoid the use of too many filler words eg. ‘like’ and ‘um’.
  • Confident body language – use eye contact, stand tall, keep your arms and upper body language open, and avoid fidgeting or adjusting your clothes.

When we perceive someone as confident, a key signaller is usually that their body language is open and expressive, translating to feels of authenticity and high self-esteem. Think about the body language you use when interacting with colleagues as well as when you’re listening to others.

  1. Build strong, professional relationships 

One great way to enhance your relationships at work is by networking. The word might fill you with dread. The phrase ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ springs to mind. But networking doesn’t have to always be about slimy interactions with colleagues in a bid to climb the corporate ladder. Networking can be about building genuine connections, sharing ideas and supporting each other’s growth, making you feel more empowered at work.

According to CIO, some of the top tips for networking for shy people include: timing your entry into a busy conversation well, avoiding apologising and making sure to say the name of the person you’re addressing. Networking can be really daunting, but think less about it as a test of your social skills, and instead an opportunity to open doors for yourself at work.

Another way to build good relationships is by showing empathy and support for colleagues. Relationships at work are all about give and take. So where you spend time prioritising yourself when you’re networking, also spend time giving other colleagues a safe space where they can confide and trust in you. Listen to people’s worries and anxieties, offer them advice, and make time for checking in on people during breaks/lunches to foster strong relationships.

  1. Advocate for yourself 

Advocating for yourself is all about cheerleading your own ideas and persona at work. It can be hard, it can feel cringeworthy and embarrassing constantly pushing yourself to the front of the queue. But when you’re new to working life, it’s a good idea to set a tone early on of looking out for number one. Two ways are:

  • Negotiate assertively – don’t be afraid to negotiate for better opportunities, pay rises or promotions, even if it feels uncomfortable in the moment.
  • Promote your achievements – LinkedIn is your best friend. Detail all your achievements big or small on your profile, and don’t be afraid to tell your colleagues and peers about work you’re proud of. 
  1. Continue learning and growing 

This one is a little simpler. All the good habits you’ve been putting into practice, whether it’s telling yourself you’re gonna smash the day in the mirror before work, refining your LinkedIn profile or reconnecting with an old colleague to build your circle – keep on with these habits, even if sometimes they feel silly. 

If you feel confidence level 0, act how you think someone who’s a confidence level10 would. Remember posture, eye contact and speaking clearly with good eye contact. If you’re working in your first full-time job, feelings of anxiety, nervousness or even imposter syndrome are completely normal. So start good habits early and start moulding yourself into the successful, confident worker you will be!

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